About the DBSP


The Dynamic Business Start-Up Project (DBSP) has been teaching people to run their own businesses since 1997. Our training programmes were developed by DBSP in South Africa along with professionals from a leading South African University’s Centre for Developing Business. The development team has over fifty years of experience in working with new, as well as established entrepreneurs. Simply put, we understand small business!

One of the training courses that the DBSP runs is the Micro Business Start Up Programme.

Our History

Hi-Eye-Q training started with the DBSP training in South Africa in September of 1997 and the DBSP has trained over 4,300 South Africans to start up and run a business of their own. Initially the DBSP focused on rural communities in South Africa and we have a footprint in 7 of the 9 provinces. In 2007 the opportunity was presented to the DBSP to launch its training into Kenya, since then over 3,500 Kenyans have been trained and DBSP in Kenya has spread to Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt. In 2009 the DBSP launched its operations into West Africa and currently operates in Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Nigeria.  DBSP also started up  in Armenia in 2009. In 2011 the DBSP got the opportunity to started work in Lebanon and Myanmar; and in 2012 we started in Indonesia and Nepal. To date the DBSP have trained over 8,000 people from 15 different countries to start up and run their own business. Slightly over 5,700 of these are in business today.

The impact of the DBSP’s training is measurable and thus far our database of statistics indicate that on average 72% of all students that have gone through one of our courses have started a business of their own that is sustaining and growing.

One of the DBSP’s organizational philosophies is that “unless you are a practicing entrepreneur, running your own business, you have no right to teach another person to start up and run their own business”

Chris giving a lecture

Our Vision

To empower people to start up a viable, sustainable business of their own and to empower organizations around the world that want to assist in community transformation by empowering local people to start up viable sustainable businesses, using their own resources, thereby employing themselves and providing jobs for others.

Our Mission

To train & assist people and organizations to train enterprising unemployed people to self employ using practical foundational business training, skills, knowledge and an aftercare support service so that the students improve themselves and their own situations utilizing their own resources. The main target groups are people who are unemployed, those who are struggling to get a job and those who have lost their job, through retrenchment. We also focus on those from economically disadvantaged background, with special emphasis on under developed & rural areas.

Our Slogan

Empowering entrepreneurially inclined individuals to change their world!


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The Dynamic Business Start-Up Project is a proud member of the National Small Business Chamber (NSBC)

Registration Details

The Dynamic Business Start-Up Project (DBSP) is run by Hi-Eye-Q Training & Consultancy C.C. Hi-Eye-Q Training is Close Corporation with the registration number of 2008/036353/23. Its tax registration number with SARS is 9266032839. For more information please see our contacts page.

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