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Just as foundations are the most important part of any building, businesses also have foundations on which success and profits are built.

Poor foundations = an unstable business.

This is the reason we have chosen to focus you on getting the foundations of your business solidly in place. By the way, all businesses – no matter the size – are built on these same basic foundations.

Making money


One of the main reasons that businesses fail is that the small business owner does not do adequate research. They think they have a good idea and that it will work and that their business is in the right location, so they do not focus enough on the fundamentals – DOING RESEARCH.

Poor research = high risk of business failure.

By the end of the course you will KNOW that your business has an excellent chance of survival as we specialize in coaching and guiding you through your research process.


Why study with us?

Unlike most other institutions, that focus mainly on teaching business theory, we understand that business is a practical subject, so our approach is to pack the course with practical application.

Other Courses : focus on business theory only.
Micro Business Start-Up Programme : Theory put directly into practice.

Students in classAs you go through our course you will be researching your own business all the way through, not just reading and discussing irrelevant case studies. What’s more you will already begin to make money whilst you are going through the course, thereby putting the theory directly into practice!

Most institutions ask a lot of money to go through their course and all their students have to show for it at the end of the course is a certificate saying how well they have done.

Business = money
We help you to make money whilst studying

Under our guidance, you will utilize between R100 and R500 and invest it in starting up your own business activity almost from the first day of the training course. Judging from the successes of past students, they have turned their R100 into anything from R800 to R3,000 by the time the training is complete. So there is the real potential for you to pay off your course completely
before it is even through, just by doing business!


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How will you benefit from this course?

You will….

  •  Gain the courage to make a big change in your life
  •  Make money whilst learning, thereby building self confidence
  • Grow in confidence that you are making a wise, well researched decision
  • Build your own capital base (i.e. making money)
  • Know what you are doing in your business, thereby reducing the risk
  • Know what the pitfalls are and how to plan around them
  • Students in class 1

This all leads to

  • Financial freedom and
  • Doing what you have always wanted to do


What will you learn?

These are the most important topics we will cover in the 12-week programme:

  • All successful businesses are built on a good idea, so you will learn to
    spot your own business opportunities.
  • How to generate good business  ideas.Coaching
  • The definitions of business and the different types of business.
  • Learn what drives you to start up your own business.
  • Why do some businesses fail.
  • How to conduct Research.
  • How to start out small, by self-funding.
  • The principles of Marketing.
  • How to sell.
  • Management.
  • How to set your selling price.
  • How to beat your competition.
  • Analytical tools such as the 3 critical areas of your business that you must keep in balance.Students doing research
  • The analytical skills of how to work with your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Communications skills.
  • Problem solving techniques.
  • How to work with staff.
  • How to calculate when your business will make a profit.
  • How to keep good records.
  • How to manage your money (cash flow).
  • Registering your business, tax and statutory requirements.
  • You will take all you have done and learnt and develop your own business plan.
  •  You will also learn negotiation skills.


How the course works

The course consists of 12 modules. Each module has class time and research time. These are interspersed – a day in the classroom followed by a period of research, followed by a day in the classroom, and so on – you get the picture

Depending on which option of the course is being run at that time, or which option you sign up for, the training will lasts anywhere from 4 weeks, to 6 weeks, to 12 weeks or even to 24 weeks. You will be spending a day in the classroom from 9am to 5pm followed by between 1 and 5 days (Depending on which course you sign up for) conducting research in your community, or where you want to run your business.

At the end of module 3, your homework assignment will be to come up with 3 business ideas of your own, then as the course unpacks itself, you will be researching these 3 business ideas over and over again, thereby  collecting a body of evidence on these 3 ideas.

During this research time you will have the option of an appointment of a minimum of 45 minutes per week with your trainer and he/she will look through your research work, providing you with valuable feedback and coaching on the information you are collecting, ensuring you are on the right track, that is , if you sign up and payfor this offering.

In module 11 of the programme, your trainer will help you evaluate the 3 business ideas you have been researching and will help you make up your mind as to which is the most viable. You will then write up the best idea into your own business plan.

From the end of module 3 right through the course, you will also be making money, thereby putting the theory directly into practice and having fun!


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