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Chris Black

Chris Black = Chief Executive Officer of the DBSP.

Chris is the founder of the DBSP and has pioneered most of the training interventions.

He is an entrepreneur through and through and between himself and his wife they have started and run 7 different businesses,  some of which they still own.  Chris has had both successes and failures in business, so he understands what does well and what can go wrong in a business. He is passionate about teaching people in a very practical way on how to avoid the pitfalls and to make a success of their business ventures, through putting the foundational business theory into practice .

Chris has developed the DBSP brand and has personally introduced the DBSP and its training courses in 12 of the 15 countries in which DBSP currently operates, both on the African Continent, in the Middle East and in South East Asia.

He is an innovator at heart and has developed two board games and is currently writing a book on the subject of business start-up from his practical experience and travels. The book is about real people who, having gone through the DBSP training, have changed their lives irrevocably and are now economically independent.


CharityCharity Simelane

Charity has been training with the DBSP since 1999. She is also a business woman in her own right and has started numerous businesses of her own, amongst others, a baking business, selling electrical appliances, selling cars and a transport business. Some of these she still runs.

She is also one of the senior coaches of the DBSP – This means she trains other trainers on how to run a DBSP course. She has trained and helped over 600 students to start up their own businesses and has also trained 8 DBSP Trainers over the years. She is fluent in 4 languages spoken in South Africa and has also trained in Zimbabwe.

Both Chris and Charity strongly believe that to start one’s own business is a viable solution to joblessness around the globe and they, along with the many other DBSP Trainers work tirelessly to see this come to pass.


ButheleziMangaliso Scelo Buthelezi

I am the Treasurer, Business Skills Facilitator and Head of Facilitators at Emseni Community Project; a non-profit organization, based in Meadowlands, Soweto; offering various educational services. I am a driven, confident, team player; always keen to make a positive contribution.

I am influenced greatly by my upbringing. Growing up I stayed in 11 different places, studying in 8 different schools; meeting many different people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds; growing my general perception of life.

 Today at Emseni Community Project we offer DBSP’s “Micro Business Start-up Programme”. This is the most relevant programme for our target market as Emseni Community Project targets marginalized communities.

 Besides my involvement with Emseni Community Project, I manage a jazz band; own a bakery, a production and publishing company, and an events management company. I’m an author and a motivational speaker; my greatest joy in life is teaching, motivating and mentoring young people.

I aspire to ‘Lead with Love’


LebeseLebese Mothijoa

Lebese is a Trainer and a Facilitator with over 25 years experience in Training, Community Development and Counselling. He is also an Assessor and a Moderator with the Services SETA. He has ventured into several Businesses in his life and these  include Training and Writing. He has also been involved in businesses that revolve around Translations and Counselling. He has experience working with Non-Profit Organizations and also pastors a church in his community. He is currently running a Training business and is also involved in selling cars and furniture.



 The Administrator of the DBSP



Karen administrates the DBSP. She is an entrepreneur in her own right and has launched and run many of her own businesses over the years. She has a passion for administration and statutory requirements. She runs her own administration business. She also runs a dog breeding business and was a tupperware unit manager for 10 years.




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